Illusion is not only visual, your mind can trick you sometimes, you believe there is no solution, sometimes you think it's easy but you end up getting away from the solution, that's what you will face in Elevatium

How To Play :

- tap the bottom right button ( gear icon ) to show and hide the Instructions panel

- The top 3 boxes in the instructions panel are for the direction Actions ( left , right , reverse )

- The 3 bottom Boxes are for the re-color actions , this means you can recolor the block after you pass it, next time you pass the same block again Raven will execute the instructions of the new color.

- the bottom middle Button to start executing the instructions

- the bottom left button to restart level


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I'm stuck on level eight, but otherwise it's a fun game! I like the logic mechanic you use. :)

no entiendo conctroles confuso

Very challenging but I like it


it just crashes when I do stuff.


This game doesn't work, just freeze when I click the middle button.

like you


When i start the game its blank, with just the three buttons down the bottom and little particals coming from the bottom of the screen, and a pause button up top. There is no puzzle to solve.

I do not understand these controls at all...very confusing.


Read the instructions , in the description section

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Deleted 4 years ago